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Compare climate of two cities

Temperature, rainfall and sunshine.

Compare average weather data on a monthly basis

Going on a holiday or looking for a perfect country to move to?

Weather Averages aggregates past climate data to create generalizations - so that you can compare the cities that interest you.
Nothing can ruin your stay like weather - so use data to your advantage. You no longer need to open two windows with climate data and try to figure out the difference. Just type in the cities and hit "Compare!" to see their stats.

Compare average daytime temperatures

Not a big fan of winter?

We increase your chances of warm weather by providing you with average daytime temperatures on a monthly basis for any three cities.
Hesitating between Barcelona, Milan or Venice? One look and all is clear:

Compare average monthly hours of sunshine

Looking to get some suntan? We aggregated total hours of sunshine on a monthly basis, so better pack your sunblock.


Compare average amount of rain

Ever wondered if London lives up to its reputation as the rainiest city of Europe? Not quite!


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